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The Yost Family Garden is pleased to be back online and offering several introductions that we hope will make you smile. 2005 was a year full of many changes in both the garden and the Yost family. The brightest moment in 2005 was a new addition to the Yost family, a daughter-in-law. Rick, our oldest, who will graduate from Logan Chiropractic College this December, honored us with his new bride, Kelli, and we couldn't be happier. Did I say we couldn't be happier? I take back that remark since Rick and Kelli have informed us that we can now use our pre-registered name, ITZA BOY, anytime after January 15th, 2007. YES, Jill and I are going to be grandparents!!! Spring 2006 saw both twins graduate and become gainfully employed.....there is a God!! Needless to say, Jill and I are walking around with constant smiles on our faces.......life is good.

The severe summer of 2005 made it impossible to get accurate measurements of flowers and the old Mavica gave me fits with the photographs. A new camera and a perfect summer were welcome changes to the garden in 2006. Jill and I would like to thank all of you who visited us this past summer and greatly appreciate your input. Your feedback has been an invaluable tool in helping us select our '07 introductions. Several of our past, present, and future releases have been tested from Canada and New Hampshire to Florida and have proved to not only survive, but thrive in all of these locations. Thanks again to all who have helped us test the wide range of growing conditions.....we think of you often and smile!!! Thank you for visiting our site and please call if you have any questions or concerns. We hope you will enjoy!!!

Many thanks to Judy, Laura, Steve, and Michael for the wonderful pictures.

Rick and Jill Yost

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